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Ryan Karpf

This is awesome. Living the dream!

We miss you guys but love being able to share your adventure this way.

love, Ryan, Gigi, Devon, Nico and Otis the dog.

Stacey, Robert, Talia, and Ari

We love the photos and simply want more!!! We don't mind reading about all your eating and swimming and domino-playing. The kids look so happy. Any chance of adding you and Liz to any photos. Happy Cruising in Nov. Wow!

Jess Getz

I can't tell you how reminiscent this makes me of our year in South Africa - i totally remember dropping off the kids at school (in their uniforms!) and then wandering around with trevor to find interesting foods . . . and then being at the beach all the freakin' time! and then picking them up from school and going straight for ice cream or some other treat!

Kim Le

Hello Liz,
I'm sooooo happy for you and your family.
As I see the pictures, the love & the joy in all of your face....I can feel very bless that you share this blog with us.
I love you all specially little "Brock!"
Kim Le

Stu Weinstein

Liz and Mike, thanks for sharing this with us. Tortilla Espanola....reminds me of our search for the perfect Tortilla during our time in Spain. You will most certainly maintain this on your list of all time highlights (as Kim and I have with our year in Europe when we were not much more than newlyweds.) Your adventure sounds terrific and filled with moments you will never forget Best Kim and Stu

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