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Crystal Brown

My god this trip looks amazing!!! Seriously, where are you off to next? Do you plan to go back to Spain or just keep going? My bro was just in Argentine and LOVED it - he said Buenos Aires was amazing. Miss you guys!

Jeanne Antrim

I agree with you. Paris is one of the best cities in the world! Did you know that they have catacombs too?

Wilmer Geraci

Yeah, it wouldn't be a complete Paris tour without a stopover at the Eiffel Tower. Seeing the tower itself and climbing inside its metal body makes you wonder what went through the mind of Gus while he was conceptualizing its design.

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We had the amazing experience of living in a Peruvian city of about about 100,000 people that is nine hours from Peru. Hardly anybody spoke English and we saw very few tourists.

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And, about the school: It's really nice. There is a basketball court, a playground, a running track, a slide and a little house. One day, I brought a special basketball and everyone was excited to see it. On other days, I brought different balls like a soccer ball and an American football. Recess is a really fun part of the day...just like at home!

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