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Jeanne Antrim

Missed you all at Christmas Tree Day! What an unforgettable and life-changing thing you are doing....BRAVO! Joyeux Noel, Felix Navidid, Merry Christmas.

Crystal Brown

Per Mike - I was supposed to make this comment "public" so you can all say what you really want to say about this frickin boondoggle of a trip!!!....

We just got back from LA for xmas break. Gearing back up for new years and this think called school, your kids may recall what it was like to have to get up at the ass crack of dawn and sit and learn lame stuff they really don't need to know. I mean why study history if you can just "cruise" on over to a frickin pyramid. And no need for religious studies, lets just go to the epicenter of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And what better way to appreciate those that are homeless, than to just become homeless yourself!!!

And now that you mention it...lets be honest - who really needs that much family bonding - I mean its like some form of "Into the Wild" to spend every waking minute talking to my kids - lets just hope you guys get out before its too late!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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