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Kevin Gray

Mike, Ran into Mike Richardson at Federation he gave me a quick update on the Pola family and then said if you are really interseted "I'll send you the link to their blog" I just spent about two hours going through and drueling(SP?). You're family will never be the same...What a great thing you are doing for eh boy's. I am sure it will have a profund postive influence on their lives. You will all be closer as well. Anywya I am mwatching you and look forward to seeing you upon your return.

Warm Regards,

Kevin Gray

PS Sharp is finely coming ...You need to get a commision!


Dear Pola Family,

Reagan and I are sitting here just in awe of your wonderful adventure! What an amazing experience for you all, one that few people will ever realize. Wow, makes our trip to Disneyworld/Epcot this past week seem so mundane. Well, at least the turkey legs were tasty!

Can't wait for your return so we can welcome you all back w/a big hug and kiss. See you either in SF late July or Del Mar Aug 6-20!?? We're booked already and expect to see you there!

xoxo, Twiggy, Randy, Reagan, Grant & Campbell

David Deland

How I wish I am part of your awesome family. Haha!Families should have bonding activities like this. Whether you go to the park or shop 'til you drop, it's very healthy to be with your family and deepen your relationship with them. I can't wait for you guys to come home! =D

Leslie Bookwalter

The boys are so cute! And look at that big fish your boy is carrying! Whew! It really pays to be patient in fishing! You had so much fun! From horseback riding, to fishing, and then to rafting! Oh my! I need to do one of those to recompose myself and see things other than the pile of workloads on my desk.


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